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'Escape Room #1' Printable Date Night Game

'Escape Room #1' Printable Date Night Game

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Love a good puzzle and the thrill of an escape room? Get ready to jump into the bustling city of Bangkok for the wildest night of your life... The wildest night that ends up putting you in a bit of a pickle.

The two of you wake up trapped in an empty penthouse, your heads are pounding and you have to catch your flight home! You're on a mission to unlock the door within the next hour by figuring out what the hell happened last night.

Work as a team to solve a bunch of exciting puzzles for your next date night. You might just find that bae looks rather hot, flexing their brain muscles.


  • This Escape Room game is a digital product
  • It includes 2 PDF documents, containing the game materials and the full solution
  • The game materials include 17 pages of clues, which form 6 puzzles to be solved in order to escape
  • You'll have access to additional hints for each of the 6 puzzles, in case you get stuck
  • You will need to print out the game materials in colour and cut out the clues as per instructions provided
  • This Escape Room is of medium difficulty, best suited for couples who are fairly new to escape room games and it takes around 1 hour to solve
  • You'll get access to an online page, where you'll be able to check whether your solution is correct and allows you to escape


Couples who love spending quality time together, enjoy solving fun puzzles and are up for a bit of a challenge.


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