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'Cold Case File #1' Printable Date Night Game

'Cold Case File #1' Printable Date Night Game

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Love a good murder mystery or a detective drama? Channel your inner Sherlock Holmes for your next date night and catch Olivia Hall's killer who's still roaming the streets of London!

Get ready for a heart-racing, nail-biting, blood-chilling night of playing detectives. Work as a team and investigate suspects' statements, coroner's reports, forensic lab's findings, call logs and a bunch of other gripping evidence to solve this cold case file.

So what are you waiting for? This case won't solve itself!


  • This Cold Case File game is a digital product
  • It includes PDF instructions and 3 PDF envelopes of evidence made up of 30 pages
  • Evidence includes witness reports, victim's call logs, coroner's reports, forensic lab's findings, suspects' bank statements, receipts, maps and a variety of other documents
  • Print out the evidence or view it on your laptop/ tablet
  • You will need to work as a team to review the evidence, analyse it and use deductive reasoning to determine which of the suspects is a killer
  • The case should take about 2-3 hours to solve
  • You'll get access to an online page with additional clues, where you'll be able to check whether you've solved the case correctly
  • The cold case and the story is completely made up, including all characters and evidence


    Couples who love detective drama and are up for a good challenge.


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