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105 Printable Deep Conversation Starters

105 Printable Deep Conversation Starters

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Want to delve deep into your partner's soul and connect like never before? Our 105 Printable Deep Conversation Starters is just what you need.

Press pause on your busy lives and spark fascinating, philosophical and powerful conversations, designed to bring you closer together. Get ready to reach into the depths of your essence, experience a range of emotions and share your vulnerabilities, as the most meaningful conversations are never the easy ones.


Couples who love connecting through deep conversations and self-exploration.

Use it to mix up your usual date nights or take it on a romantic weekend getaway.


There are 105 printable cards with 3 levels of deep conversations:

  • 35 x Mind cards - deep conversations that will challenge your mind
  • 35 x Heart cards - profound conversations you will feel in your heart
  • 35 x Soul cards - enigmatic conversations that will reach the depths of your soul

Split the cards into 3 piles by category, then take turns in picking a card and asking a question to your partner. Skip any cards you don't fancy and, if you're feeling creative, add your own questions into the mix!


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