8 Romantic London Restaurants for a Perfect Date Night

8 Romantic London Restaurants for a Perfect Date Night

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If you're looking for a romantic restaurant in London and getting lost among the countless choices, look no further! We'll help you to cut through the noise with this list of 8 tried and tested restaurants that will make your date night special. From intimate settings to mind-blowing flavour combinations, these restaurants have it all. So why wait? Grab your partner and head out for your perfect date!

  1. Sticks’n’Sushi

At the top of the list is our all-time favourite Sticks’n’Sushi with its contemporary take on traditional sushi, seamlessly blending the best of Japanese and Nordic cuisines. The quality of the ingredients is nothing but outstanding and the flavour combinations are to die for. Sticks’n’Sushi have plenty of locations across London, so you’re sure to find one nearby.

  1. Flesh & Buns

If you're in the mood for something a little different, Flesh & Buns is the place for you. This restaurant specializes in Japanese-style steamed buns, and they're absolutely delicious.

  1. Arabica Borough Market

If you're looking for a unique and unassuming setting, Arabica, is the perfect place for you, set under the train arches within the bustling Borough Market. With its mouth-watering flavour combinations with a modern twist on Middle Eastern dishes it's no wonder this place is so popular with couples.

  1. The Jones Family Kitchen

If you’re big steak fans and real foodies, you might roll your eyes but thank us later, when we reveal that this spot is better than Hawksmore. The large cuts like Porterhouse or T- Bone are to die for and doaphinoa potatoes will leave you salivating for weeks to come. Don’t believe us? Go and see for yourselves.

  1. Lina Stores Soho

If you're looking for a chic and stylish setting for a casual date night, Lina Stores is the perfect place. The simple concept of fresh pasta has never been done better than in this foodie hotspot you’ll be returning to plenty of times. Bookings can be tricky, with the restaurant being so popular, so make sure you book way in advance.

  1. Pachamama East

Have you experienced bold Peruvian flavours before? This spot is ideal for immersing yourselves into a new cuisine you’ve likely never tried before and truly taking advantage of the variety London has to offer. Get the tasting menu to experience a full range of delicious masterpieces on offer.

  1. Circolo Popolare

This Insta-famous spot is worth the hype. The unique setting will leave you speechless and the food is to die for. While everyone else will be eating their signature Carbonara dish out of a cheese wheel, we’ll let you in on a little secret- the true hidden gem of the menu is their  indulgent truffle pasta.

8. Dishoom

This iconic Bombay - inspired gem is perfect if you're looking for a burst of sensational Iranian flavours. The food is to die for and the 1960s Irani cafe style decor is sure to make your evening feel unique and special.

So there you have it, eight of the best romantic restaurants in London perfect for a date night. Let us know in the comments what are your favourite restaurants in London!

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