7 Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gift Ideas You Can Get Last Minute

7 Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gift Ideas You Can Get Last Minute

Valentine's Day gift ideas

Want to surprise your significant other with something a little more thoughtful than another box of chocolates this year? We've got you covered!

1.Tickets to an experience you'd both enjoy

See what plays, concerts, gigs or sports games are on over the coming weeks and pick something you'd enjoy experiencing together.

couple at a concert

2. A hot date ideas calendar to spice things up this year

Get ready for a year of flirt, seduction and play with this calendar of hot date ideas. From strip poker to naughty polaroid photoshoots, a steamy adventure is on the cards. The question is - can you handle the heat?

date ideas calendar

3. A personalised 'faceless' portrait

Choose your favourite picture of the two of you and let the artists work their magic, turning it into a minimalist faceless portrait like this one.

faceless portrait couple

4. Salsa dancing lessons

Find your local dance school for beginners and book a few lessons to try something new together, have fun and reconnect.

couple dancing

5. 5 surprise date nights

Gift them some quality time to look forward to - a bunch of surprise date ideas you can enjoy together this year! Say goodbye to Netflix on the sofa and hello to Tik Tok viral cold case files, escape rooms, romantic board games and more.

Valentine's gift of date nights

6.  A personalised map

Pick a location that's meaningful to both of you e.g. the place where you met or a spot of your first kiss and turn it into a personalised map like this one.

personalised map

7. A trip down the memory lane

Make a scrapbook filled with photos of the two of you, receipts or notes with special meaning, write down songs that bring back memories from your favourite holidays together or print out cute text messages. Let your creativity go wild on this one!


Looking for more thoughtful gifts? Check out our Tik Tok viral date ideas here.

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