7 Guinness World Records You and Your Date Can Try to Break

7 Guinness World Records You and Your Date Can Try to Break


Looking for a fun and unique date idea? Why not try to break some Guinness world records together! You may be surprised at how many records are within your reach. Here are a list of seven hilarious records to attempt. Who knows – you may end up being featured in the next edition of the Guinness World Records book! 

  1. The farthest distance to blow a pea. The current record is 16.1m, set by Jamie Stewart from the UK.
  2. The most socks put on one foot in 30 seconds. The current record is held by Pavol Durdik (Slovakia), who managed to put on 28 socks!
  3. Most sticky notes stuck on face in one minute. This is a record that requires a lot of patience – and a lot of sticky notes! The current record is held by Silvio Sabba (Italy) at 38 sticky notes
  4. Fastest Time To Arrange The Alphabet From A Can Of Alphabet Spaghetti. Cody Jones is the current alphabet spaghetti champion with the result of 3 minutes 21 seconds under her belt
  5. Fastest Time To Assemble Mr. Potato Head. To become the best in the World at this challenge, you’ll be looking to beat Samet Durmaz from Turkey who’s done it in mere 6.62 seconds.
  6. Tallest Toilet Paper Tower In 30 Seconds. Can you beat Silvio Sabba (Italy) who’s holding the current record of 28 rolls?
  7. Most T-Shirts Put On In 60 Seconds. Sounds simple, right? But can you beat Ted Hastings’ record of wearing 260 at once?

There you have it: seven Guinness world records that you and your date can try to break. So what are you waiting for? Go and have some serious fun!

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