8 Valentine's Day Date Night Ideas To Try Instead Of An Overpriced Set Menu

8 Valentine's Day Date Night Ideas To Try Instead Of An Overpriced Set Menu

Valentine's day date ideas

Swap the overpriced and overrated set menu at a fancy restaurant for something more creative and unique this Valentine's Day. Here are 10 date ideas to surprise your special someone with.

1. Fairytale-like indoor picnic

Move your furniture around, grab a few cosy blankets, light a bunch of candles and hang some fairy lights to transform your living room into an indoor picnic spot that will leave your significant other speechless. Order some sushi and pop a bottle of champagne open for a romantic and cosy night at home.

indoor picnic

2. Spicy board game

Get ready to spice things up completing some naughty dares, answering flirty questions and earning points along the way with this flirty board game

Flirty dice date night game

3. Candlelight concert

Surprise your partner with tickets to the most romantic concert set up that's been going viral around the world.

Candlelight concert

4. Stand-up comedy night

Have a good laugh at your local stand-up comedy night.

Stand-up comedy

5. At-home spa

You can't go wrong with a bubble bath, candles, massages, strawberries and champagne.

Bubble bath

6. An evening of deep conversations

Press pause on your busy lives and spark fascinating, philosophical and powerful conversations, designed to bring you closer together. Print out these 105 deep conversation starters at home for a cosy night of connection.

Deep conversation starter cards for couples

7. Naughty photoshoot at home

Get a polaroid camera and embark on a spicy adventure of a naughty photoshoot at home. Pick outfits for each other and see your partner's wild side through that artsy camera lens.

Polaroid photoshoot couples

8. Secret cocktail bar with a twist

Get ready separately and take different routes to a secret cocktail bar. Make it extra spicy by pretending to meet each other for the very first time.

Cocktail bar

Looking for more unique ways to spend quality time together? Check out our Tik Tok viral date ideas here.

A Twist Of Date

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